Paola A. Trujillo Tapias (she/they)

CEO & Creative Manager

Paola Trujillo serves as the CEO and Creative Manager of all ITCAM artists. Paola leads the artist's development and creative solutions department to build each artist's visual identity. 

With her prior experience working as a social media manager, project manager, creative director, and illustrator decided to create a suite that would benefit and protect the artist when releasing independent projects as an artist. As an illustrator, her works have been recognized by several artists such as Bomba Estéreo, Flozigg, Sabah Kenway, Slim and the beast, Duplat, Torres, Terry Presume, JW Francis, Noga Erez, and Warner Music Colombia. Paola also works as ITCAM's blog (ITCAM MUSIC) illustrator, combining its love of graphics and music to provide unique micro-stories accompanied by an illustration of artists' releases worldwide. Paola also works as a music supervisor, with a certification from Berklee College of Music, operating with flexible project and budget ranges. 

Founded ITCAM in 2021 along with David Andres Trujillo Tapias and Sean Ogle. ITCAM (International Talent and Creative Artists Management) is a company that provides creative and custom music branding packages that enable musicians' professional and artistic development. Paola leads the company's international operations, with responsibility for business in Latin America and the United States. She also oversees the company's ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets. Paola is interested in working practices that prioritize the LGBTQ+ community, diversity, and equality.

David A. Trujillo Tapias (he/him)

President & Director of Music Production

David Trujillo is a producer, writer, and entrepreneur. He currently serves as Co-founder, President, and Director of Music Production of ITCAM, leading new artists’ A&R development and devising solutions for each artist's unique sound.  


Inspired by a need for more indie-artist-friendly solutions in the music industry, and seeking to bring opportunities to fellow BIPOC artists, David co-founded ITCAM with Paola Trujillo and Sean Ogle in 2021.  


David is also a contributor to ITCAM MUSIC, the review blog that highlights BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists on all levels of the industry which launched in 2021. With its unique illustrations and reviews, ITCAM MUSIC has received widespread industry recognition from names including Bomba Estéreo, Flozigg, Sabah Kenway, Slim and the beast, Duplat, Torres, Terry Presume, JW Francis, Noga Erez, and Warner Music Colombia. ITCAM MUSIC’s content can be found on and its Instagram account @itcammusic. He is also the composer/producer of multiple records and film/television soundtracks.


David is the creative voice behind ITCAM’s music production, setting the bar for creating vivid songs with captivating, fresh sounds that will endure the test of time. David ensures everything ITCAM produces is in service to the artist's vision and advances the company's mission of developing a diverse roster of artists that have control over their brand, and product, by marrying entertainment and advocacy through music creation. 

Sean Ogle (he/him)

COO & Co-Founder 

Sean Ogle is one of ITCAM’s co-founders as well as the current COO. He heads up most administrative tasks and ensures the ongoing operations for clients and ITCAM personnel. Outside of  ITCAM, Sean’s background is primarily in the pharmacological sciences. He is a published author, an operations analyst at a clinical research organization, and works in business development for a young biotech startup. He brings his experience in business and working with young startups to the ITCAM team and has been a huge asset. Sean is also one of our regular writers for the ITCAM MUSIC review blog, which has recognition from top artists like Bomba Estéreo, Flozigg, Sabah Kenway, Slim and the beast, Duplat, Torres, Terry Presume, JW Francis, Noga Erez, and Warner Music Colombia. 


His goals for ITCAM are to increase operations efficiency, artist access, and corporate engagement as ITCAM comes to the forefront of music branding and production in the industry.

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