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Dominic Fike “Wurli”

The sun peeks out from behind clouds that have just drained themselves. Soon its

beams shed across wet concrete and the red bricks of Oakland sparkle. The streets are empty,

and the sky has turned from stormy grey to a natural blend of orange and blue. Daytime is

taking its leave.

Benjamin Aimes looks out the window of his third-floor bedroom and plays “Wurli” by

Dominic Fike. The Wurlitzer electronic piano that brings the song in has always conjured

feelings of simple peace and beauty – fittingly, the drums remind him of those moments after

rain. It’s 4:32 PM and the song brings a smile to his face. The room around him isn’t bare

because it’s lived in, filled with all the things that Benjamin uses to survive and represent his


He grabs a pair of shoes, looks at himself in the mirror, and takes a joint, Airpods, and

sunglasses out the door with him. The air smells fresh and feels cool. Now crossing the

Boulevard of the Allies, Nirvana’s “In Bloom” floods his headphones.

Author: Aidan Dean Dunn

Illustration: Paola Trujillo

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