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Welcome to Piekla

Welcome to Piekla

Int. The Manticore's great room. She sits on a big, throne-like chair, overseeing everything that happens in the room. Nadzieja, handcuffed, is forced to kneel in front of her.

The Manticore: Welcome to Piekla, dear. Now, why should I let you live?

Nadzieja: You kidnapped my sister. I'm here to bring her back home.

The Manticore: Kidnapped, you say? Oh, that sounds awful, dear. It can't be right! You see, we're not in the ransom business.

Nadzieja: One of your guys, Macron, is her dealer. He took her 3 nights ago!

The Manticore: Now, that's a different story. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit here and, these junkies are not precisely little helpless puppies, are they? Do you know if she's paid her dues to him?

Nadzieja: It doesn't matter! She's Lady Nieba's daughter. You'll pay if anything happens to her!-

The Manticore: Now, now, my dear. You shouldn't be making threats like that, honey, you may hurt some... sensibilities. Take her to the dumpster! Show her some Piekla hospitality.

-Story by: David A.Trujillo Tapias

-Illustration by: Paola Trujillo

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