UPSAHL “Lady Jesus”

Release Date: October 8, 2021.

This one is ready to be blasted all the way to work and back! UPSAHL’s debut album is dynamic, assertive, and full of raw lyrics about the journey towards self-reliance. Throughout the album, UPSAHL walks a fine line between pop and rock sounds that energizes and empowers her audience. With every listen, she leads them to an unexpected place of rebirth, confidence, and self-love like she experienced while writing the album. With songs about messy breakups, night-out disasters, cathartic one-night stands, tight friendships, and self-salvation, this album is the perfect listen to remind yourself of how much stronger you really are. All and all, this is a real feel-good album! With Lady Jesus, UPSAHL demonstrates she has the creative stamina to become pop royalty while remaining a rebel that lives by her own artistic rules.

Some of our favorite songs are Melatonin, Lunatic, IDFWFEELINGS, and, of course, Lady Jesus.

So say a prayer to yourself, turn the volume up and crush any spec of self-doubt you might have thought you had. Let us know which song from the album you have on-repeat in the comments!

Illustration : Paola Trujillo

Review: David Trujillo




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