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Trixie Mattel “Hello Hello”

Release Date: November 12, 2021.

A fun summer song released in early winter is honestly not unexpected from an artist like Trixie Mattel. “Hello Hello” is upbeat in a way that is almost comparable to 90’s soft rock mixed with a little LA, which is fairly different from her normal country music stylings. A simple song and a simple beat with a simple goal, be enjoyable to listen to. The music video was released shortly after the single release, and consists of Trixie with 2 back up dancers in black outfits on a very pink set and choreography that was totally surprising as Trixie is not known as a dance queen. All choreography was done by none other than fellow drag race superstar, LaGanja Estranja, who really turned it out for this one. We love to see the girls collaborating and uplifting each other, and we hope to see this more in the future.

Illustration: Paola Trujillo

Review: Sean Ogle




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