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Planet Her - Doja Cat

Release Date: June 25, 2021

It has been yet another crazy year, and we feel ready to take a break for a little bit, recharge, and get ready for all the awesome singles, albums, and reviews 2022 will bring our way but, before we do, we want to pay homage to what we feel is the biggest pop album of the year! Doja Cat’s Planet Her is a formidable offering that embraces the eclectic and unique aesthetic that is in vogue and of which Doja Cat is the most emblematic example. From Woman to Get into it (Yuh) to Kiss Me More (ft. SZA), this album is just one banger after the other. It feels like you’re not even done getting one hook out of your brain and there’s two more waiting to latch onto it! In other words, this sh•t is dope, this is Doja’s world and we’re just living in it. Go listen to it again and have a great end of the year!

Illustration: Paola Trujillo

Review: David Trujillo




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