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Never Enough

Disclosure and Dylan C Green “Never Enough”

It's been a long week.

I am tired from working, but I am finally home.I take a shower, and prepare for the night. You prepare the best outfit, call your friends, and get ready. Walk a few blocks, and in the middle of the street, the music starts getting louder. I´m here.

The disco lights fill the place with flashing colors. I reach the bar. Order my favorite drink, and settle down at a table. After a few sips I get to the dance floor. I feel the music in my veins. Little by little, I close my eyes. Suddenly I´m alone on the dance floor. No thought. Just let the song move you.

I open my eyes and realize that everyone is vibrating with me. We are at the peak of ecstasy.

I could do this every day.

No better company. Nothing else will ever be enough.

The song playing in the background is Never Enough by Disclosure (Dylan C Green Remix).

Author: Jose Daniel Lopez

Illustration: Paola Trujillo

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