Little Simz “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”

Release Date: September 3, 2021.

British artist Simz – born Simbiatu Ajikawo – wrote her fourth album, and it's one for the records. Sharing her introverted experience, she prioritizes self-expression over crowd-pleasing and discusses race, womanhood, and family. Presented as a gallery of music, she explores different genres and moods in her own style, all very much clever and captivating. Simz denounces the national government's corruption, prejudice and speaks on the experience black women live.

The first part of the album explores questions Simz has on vulnerability, confidence, and relationships. "Introvert," the opener, is a cinematic fanfare with a powerful drum-line, expresses the vulnerable thoughts that reflect the internal war of an introvert while wanting to speak up about unjust systems and the atrocities they commit. It ends on a hopeful note, stating the power that unity in our communities brings and being a woman. "Two Worlds Apart" is pure swag. Transmits contagious confidence, as an introvert, makes you feel like a whole new person. An alter ego. She speaks on how she earned everything she has but questions what costs that had. Very much perfect for a smoke session. And "I love you, I hate you" explores both sides of loving and hating your own father.

The second part of the album is more self-reflective, not only on the impact of being an artist but also on being persistent. "Point and Kill," a phrase used in Nigeria to pick out fish at the market or a store - You point, they kill - reflects how no matter what you do, people are really to judge you, but in a really groovy way. "I see you" is a love song about unconditional and accepting love. "Standing ovation" speaks on the desperate need to leave a mark and the role that persistence takes in working toward your dreams. "The rapper that came to tea," a musical scene featuring Emma Corrin, asks the questions an introvert asks themselves when having to be extroverts, such as, What's the price that's worth your freedom? "How did You get here" is the self-reflection Simz goes through with this album, sharing her story. Lastly, "Miss Understood" is the perfect ending for this album, finding balance in the grey area. Hopeful yet self-aware. The album is interconnected lyrically and musically, with different melodic themes and variations. More than just a collection, it is an experience. An exhibition of Simz's life and thoughts. Don't miss out on the chance to experience this album. You won't regret it.

Illustration: Paola Trujillo

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