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Uncage Me

Lana Del Rey “Watercolor Eyes

Your skin feels rough when it drags across my hand as you leave. If anything it only exaggerates my need to be needed by you. Why am I here? I thought you were the broken bird, but maybe it’s me. Or maybe I’m not broken at all, but caged. The bars, my love for you, the locked door, everything I hope we will be. I’ll stay anyway. If I love you enough, if I try hard enough to fix what’s wrong with you..maybe you’ll love me enough to fix me too; whatever that means. I cry when you’re here, I cry when you’re not, but at least I can sleep. If you would just see me, if you could just see in us what I do..you would let me save us. I’ve never been happier, and yet I’ve never felt more alone. The key to that cage door is not something unlocked by you finding me suitable for satiating your loneliness inflicted by self-imposed isolation, but unlocked by my realization that you will never love me.

Story by Sean Ogle

Illustration by Paola Trujillo

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