JUNO ALBUM - Remi Wolf

Release Date: October 15, 2021.

This one will have you shaking your butt to funky grooves and dropping your jaw to blunt lyrics. Remi Wolf’s debut album Juno is crazy fun, crazy catchy and crazy good!With each song, Wolf pulls you into a world of brutally honest, adult realities approached with child-like imagination and vivaciousness that we can’t get enough of. This album has a song for everything. Hook-ups, Break ups, grumpy days, overworked minds; you name it, Remi Wolf’s got the song to be the soundtrack for your day. The only problem you might have is her taking over your entire playlist. You’ve been warned!

Our recommended tracks are wyd, Quiet On Set, Volkiano, Sexy Villain and Street You Live On. Let us know your favorite song from the album in the comments!

Illustration : Paola Trujillo

Review: David Trujillo




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