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FINNEAS “Optimist”

Release Date: October 15, 2021.

FINNEAS’ ironically titled album, Optimist, is complete art. His attention and incorporation of all the facets of pop culture make for an engaging listen. Songs like “The Kids are Dying” call out the society we have created, politicians we allow to lead, the unsafe environments we foster in the name of freedom, and ultimately the fallacies found in the American Dream. These themes continue through other tracks in the album like “How it Ends” and “Medieval” where FINNEAS gives his take on cancel-culture and his consideration on what will happen when what he offers becomes out of style. There are some nostalgic tones found in songs like “The 90’s”, however in a different way than you might expect. FINNEAS’ reflection back to the 90’s is more existential of a time period of being young and worried about all of the wrong things and the regret associated with that naivety, rather than a plug for the pop-culture iconography of the time period. Overall, the album is sprinkled with small nuggets of wisdom and knowledge which is surprising given being such a fresh face in the industry. Great work.

Illustration : Paola Trujillo

Review: Sean Ogle




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